Life Plan Workshop with Dr. Robert Melillo

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Join me for this unique opportunity to learn the science of success!

On Line 3 1/2 hour workshop

One of my top goals for the year is to help inspire anyone who wants to change or get to that next level. Especially, doctors who follow my work and attend my classes to become totally successful. If you have taken my classes, you are one of the best in the world and you deserve to be financially successful and happy. Too often I see theses brilliant clinicians struggling to get by.
I have spent the last 30 years perfecting a process of creating a powerful plan for my life.  Everything I have accomplished has come from these plans. It is so much more than setting goals, or even finding a purpose to drive you!  It is about creating a vision for your life and a plan of how to get it, and being able to maintain your focus on that vision no matter what happens around you.
“Whatever you focus on you get” however, if you don’t know what you want, if you don’t have a clear powerful vision and you are more focused every day on what you fear - that is what you get!
We live in a world today where it is harder than ever to keep a positive mind and keep your focus on your goals. Social media, email, news and the negativity is toxic and addictive. Today, you must have a clear vision of what you want and you must be able to have a plan that automatically draws you to that focus everyday.
The right brain is wired to always engage the world first and it is wired to look for danger.  It automatically will focus on fear, unless you design a system that will automatically draw your focus to what you want.  It is our brain and prefrontal cortex that creates goals but it is our basal ganglia that creates habits and rituals to make something automatic. There is a true science behind this program that is why I know it works.
I recently did this 3 hour on-line workshop that will not only teach you how to do this but you will actually leave the workshop with a real plan and my system that will automatically focus your life every day to what you want and away from all the noise. I will walk you through every step of the way right on the webinar! 
Here is what you will receive in this on line workshop with me: 
1.     You will create a powerful vision of what you want in all  important areas of your life.
2.     You will set real, measurable and specific achievable goals for this year, which will help you achieve and make more money than you ever have before.
3.     You will leave with an complete plan for your life that will automate your focus so that nothing will distract you from achieving your goals.
Being happy and successful is not only about what you do it’s also about what you don’t do - the opportunities you let slip by! ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ON LINE FOR PURCHASE. 
3 1/2 hours of your life that I guarantee will change it forever!