Health & Business Coaching Program with Dr Melillo

Health & Business Coaching Program with Dr Melillo

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In this great new program - Dr Melillo is specifically working with people who have trained in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (adults or children) through his course and wants to share that expertise at a different level.  If you have taken his course and say "now what" - this is the perfect next step! 

This is for the person who feels they have a very important message that they wish to bring to the world but don’t quite know what that is or how to do it. It is for the person or professional that knows they have created something extremely powerful and unique and they want to reach a broader audience. They want to develop a program based on their life experiences and their business or professional expertise and they are passionate about using this info to help others. Imaging using your life story and your life and business experience, and you can turn that into a lucrative business that you can do from anywhere in the world.
This program is also for the busy professional that wants to get even better results with their patients or clients, generate another substantial stream of income and at the same time spend less time in the office. In this program you will find your purpose ,discover your voice and your own unique message, and learn more about yourself than ever before .In this program you walk away with a whole new exciting way of looking at yourself, your life, your failures and successes and will have created a powerful and unique program that can add incredible value to the world, increase your income and allow you to get paid for what you love and do this with more free time .

However, if you feel that a small group is not the right fit for you, contact us for information on personal coaching programs with Dr Melillo. 

This course runs for 12 weeks starting  

It is a group teleconference that will be approximately 90 mins – 2 hours.

It is limited space and the total cost of the program is $2500. Reserve your space with the deposit below and balance can be paid over 12 weeks of the program.