Group Clinical Coaching Program Monthly Call

Group Clinical Coaching Program Monthly Call

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This unique program is a new way to continue your learning and be part of a group in which some of the most difficult cases are presented and discussed.  This format allows professionals to learn and continue their education without the cost of travel and time away from practice. 

Goals of the Group Clinical Masterclass Program

  • Keep you up to date on any new or advanced information, research or clinical tools I have developed to come across.
  • Continue your learning and clinical skills through the use of case presentation
  • I will answer each participant's clinical questions individually but also learn by listening to the questions and answers of others in the group
  • Allow participants to present their most difficult and challenging cases so we can all try to help and problem solve.. allowing the patient to really receive expert care and opinions
  • Create a community and keep all of us connected... to support Functional Neurology around the world as an internal referral network.


A teleconference will be held once a month.  The groups will be about 10 professionals and we will try to have groups made in similar time zones so that the calls will be at convenient times.  This will only require 1 1/2  hours a month and you can do this from your home, office or while on vacation.

Because it is a group format, the cost per monthly session is small.   This is an important and great way that will allow us to create a community that will stay connected to one another so we can continue to support our education and promote Functional Neurology across the world.