Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Online Course

Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Online Course

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Become an expert in childhood developmental, learning disabilities and behavioral disorders through Dr. Melillo’s robust online course. Learning The Melillo Method will allow you to change the lives of children in ways you never imagined possible. 

This is package is specifically for our 2016-2017 course only. NOT the new 2019-2020 course!  However, this course is online and is applicable for educators, therapists, parents and anyone who wants to learn how to evaluate, diagnose and treat Childhood Neurodevelopment Disorders from a clinical perspective.  This course is an in-depth course that will walk you through every aspect of Childhood Neurodevelopment Disorders from the physical examination, testing for primitive reflexes and identifying brain imbalances through specific exercises and treatments that can be done to correct these issues.

The 10 Module Titles Are:
Module 1 - Physical Exam for the Newborn and Infant
Module 2 - ADHD, OCD and Tourette's Part I
Module 3 - ADHD, OCT and Tourette's Part II
Module 4 - Autism Part I
Module 5 - Autism Part II
Module 6 - Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Part 1
Module 7 - Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Part II
Module 8 - Behavioral and Attachment Considerations in Neurobehavioral disorders in Childhood
Module 9 - Nutrition and Immune Consideration for Children with Learning Disabilities
Module 10 -  Putting it all together: Practical Tools and Application Techniques

Each module is about 15 hours in length and the video's are broken into segments that are approximately 2 hours at a time to make them easy to watch. 
This course has been used all over the world to train hundreds of professionals, educators, therapists, psychologists and even parents or center owners on the clinical side of these disorders.  Please feel free to email us for more information or sign up to receive the 10 module complete package today.
There are no CE hours available for purchase for this package... this is the older (2016-2017) course. If you are looking for the current course that is offered LIVE and/or on line as it becomes available please visit:

This online course is not for a certification. This online course is for someone who wants to obtain knowledge and improve skills. You can only obtain the certification by attending a LIVE course or doing the current modules on line only.