KidGenius Chewable Memory Supplement- Attention, Focus, Calm

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Attention and focusing problems are estimated to affect 1 in 9 kids in the US. It is the number one issue among today's youth. Research shows that immaturity or reduced growth of the whole brain, especially the right side, may be related to attention, concentration, impulsivity and other related issues. KidGenius Vitamins is specially formulated by Dr. Robert Melillo - one of the foremost experts in brain development - to help promote growth and development of the brain.

This children's chewable vitamin is formulated to specifically help promote neurotransmitters specific to the right brain. KidGenius Attention, Focus, Calm is a high quality chewable supplement for kids - all important qualities for kids who struggle with attention and who are extremely picky and have texture issues.

About KidGenius Vitamins: Dr. Robert Melillo, the author of Disconnected Kids and cofounder of Brain Balance Centers, has spent decades working with thousands of families to develop a supplement that packs a powerful punch for brain development. Kids can't swallow pills and they typically hate powder drinks because of texture and taste issues. As one of the leading experts in the world in brain development and nutrition, Dr. Melillo has formulated these chewables with a high dose of vitamins that help promote brain development and gut health. KidGenius Vitamins are specially formulated to help with issues like attention, focus, academics / learning, memory, motivation, and gut health. Ideally, in order to create the best balance in the brain, all three formulations should be taken together. While we have used natural sweeteners for our product, the taste or mouth feel might be off for your child, especially young children. In that case, we recommend crushing it and placing in a favorite food for the same impact.

About KidGenius Vitamins

  • AN ADVANCED MEMORY ENHANCEMENT SUPPLEMENT, SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS Formulated by Dr. ROBERT MELILLO Author of Disconnected Kids and Cofounder of Brain Balance Centers Who Has Spent Decades Working with Tens of Thousands of Families to Develop a Supplement that Boosts Memory, Learning and Concentration.
  • MADE WITH CARE FOR KIDS- Great Tasting Chewable Tablets Including Essential Mineral and Herbs to Help Your Kid Learn Faster and Concentrate Better !
  • Non GMO, 100% Vegetarian Chewable Tablets.
  • Made in USA in FDA and cGMP Certified Lab.
  • Learn more about Dr. Robert Melillo and His Work on