Avant Laser featuring Melillo Method Protocols

Avant Laser featuring Melillo Method Protocols

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Take your therapy to the top level with this new product!

Avant Laser featuring the exclusive Melillo Method protocols programmed into the laser. Exclusive to our office and comes with instructions and support to use! LZ30 ProZ. The laser is also installed with the standard settings from Avant and can be used for things like:

• Acute Pain
• Body Balance
• Chronic Pain
• Inflammation & Swelling
• Nerve Reset

The Melillo Method exclusive protocols will come with a series training video's and full support from our team. 

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SHIPPING is not included... you will be billed separately for that when it is ready to ship. 

Laser Stand is not included with the purchase but can be added on. 

Watch Dr Melillo's video talking about this exclusive laser now!

For healthcare professionals, a complete video library is available for the protocols for the lasers to use with your patients