Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Certification Course - Individual Modules Replays

Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Certification Course - Individual Modules Replays

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 Modules 1 through 10

Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Certification Course
This is truly a life-changing course - available for students, non healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals on line all over the world. Our video replay system allows you unlimited access to the modules on line and you can learn at your own pace!  After the course is completed, you may be eligible to sit for certification or healthcare professionals can sit for a Fellowship testing for a post-graduate degree! The next scheduled testing dates for the Fellowship Examination and the Certification Examination will be in 2023!  
Yes, you can do a combination of on line and in person classes - Dr Melillo is currently running the course LIVE in Dallas, Texas also. 

This course is available for educators, students, and healthcare professionals.

The Melillo Method Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Course was founded with the principles of developmental functional neurology. The course will focus on specific stages of brain development from the womb to adulthood. This course is about functionally measuring and examining the brain as it goes through stages: identifying when, where and why brain development is altered in its functional development.

Module 1:  Child Physical and Neurological Exam

Module 2: ADHD, OCD, Tourette's: Part I

Module 3: ADHD, OCD, Tourette's: Part II

Module 4: Autism Part I

Module 5: Autism Part II

Module 6: Dyslexia Part I

Module 7: Dyslexia Part II

Module 8: Psychoneuroimmunology - Nutrition and Immune Considerations for Children with Learning Disabilities and Preconception Prevention in Adults. 

Module 9: Behavioral and Attachment Considerations in Neurobehavioral disorders in children with Learning Disabilities. 

Module 10: Advanced Clinical Case Review AND Fellowship Testing Preparation (For healthcare professionals)

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To purchase individually, select the type of registration (healthcare vs. non-healthcare) and the module you wish to purchase. 

When you purchase a module, you will have unlimited access to the module on line for up to 3 years.  This also includes the notes and handouts for each module as well.

Upon completion of the course attendees have 2 different testing options to obtain acknowledgement for their studies.

Non-healthcare professionals of any type and healthcare professionals may take the certification examination.  After completing 9 modules on line, you may do the on-line testing through the International Association of Functional Neurology.  More information can be found at on this testing.  

Healthcare professionals after completing all 10 modules of the program may apply for a post-graduate Fellow Degree in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders. This testing is administered through the International Board of Functional Neurology and more information can be found at

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