Brain Integration Masterclass Program - Deposit to Enroll

Brain Integration Masterclass Program - Deposit to Enroll

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Gain the skills & tools necessary to develop your own brain integration training and masterclass business. 

This 8 week course starts with a  group phone call / video chat once a week that will last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. 

You will be trained in a practical program that you can use to improve and optimize your own health and find your personal greatness. We will help you become the best you, the real you that can serve as an example to others.

You will learn how to develop a business where you can bring these skills and your life story to train others to do what you have done to change your life. This will allow you to develop an alternate stream of income or a new lifestyle-friendly career path that gives you flexibility of time and travel.
You will learn how these same hemispheric principles can be used not only to correct problems, but also for personal and professional development and how to teach this to others to help them find and achieve greatness in their own lives.

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Space is limited for the program. A deposit of $250 will hold your spot in the next group... Sign Up Now and start on a new exciting journey with me!

What is the Brain Integration Masterclass Program About?  Some people have felt that it is to help them create a business that is all about balancing the brain, basically teaching them to use my approach as a business. That is not what this masterclass program is about at all. The masterclass program is about giving YOU a creative process to manifest anything or any business that you like. The common thread is that in any area of life and business the foundation of success in that area is the understanding that the brain and health play a foundation role. My interest at this point in my life, besides treating people especially those who are struggling the most, is to help raise awareness and to help others to create whatever they want, a business, a practice, a book, an invention, a movement - anything! There is one way that I know of to create something from nothing. How do you take an idea, a vision and bring it to reality and then make that successful ? How do you write a book and bring it to market and make it a best seller? How do you take an idea and make it into an actual viable business or company and make that business successful?

I have found that it all starts with you!  It starts with creating the individual person you wish to become. It starts with a vision of who you ultimately want to be, then it is about developing a plan to become that person. Then, you start to attempt to be that person, in the beginning you are just faking it but eventually little by little you become that person. Ultimately the goal is that you become that person in reality 100% of the time.

I like to ask people if someone followed you around 24 hours a day for a week, how much of who you say you are is real and how much is BS? Authenticity is rare and everyone respects authenticity. Understanding and owning your story, your life the mistakes and the successes, the vulnerability and the credibility. Using your story to create a shared vision, this is the way to develop or grow any business. Learning how to craft and deliver your life story to attract customers or patients that want to utilize your service whatever that may be. They are drawn to your story and your authenticity.

I created my masterclass program to teach people how to do that; How to become the person they ultimately want to be. How to create anything they want and make it successful.

Brain Integration is always in the individual and in any area an important piece, but it is not the only piece at all, it is part of it. It is a powerful unique message that will make others want to hear your message. My purpose is to find someone with a message that wants to share that message but isn’t quite sure how. They want to make a positive impact on the world and they want to get paid to do this. 

I can make that happen and that is what I want to do now with my life. Create a movement, create a shared vision and together we can make the world a better place and be happy. - Rob Melillo